Integrated Property Tax Management System using Digital Certificates ::
The Property Tax module primarily deals with the activities related to the assessment of property tax such as recording details of the assessee, generating Demand Notices, collecting Property Tax pertaining to the ULB limits, and so on by using digital signatures for authentication.
The core functions of this module are:
Calculating property tax based on the details such as usage of the building, building type, plinth area, unit rate, building age, etc.,
Maintaining details of property tax payment and arrears,
Generating various types of notices (such as demand notice, warrant notice, final notice), and checklists (such as field verification checklist for new application, bifurcation, etc.),
Recording payments,
Generating receipts and various statistical reports
 Objectives :
To provide proper monitoring of taxation at various levels
To minimize the human errors while Entering/Modifying Tax
To provide enhanced security levels
Tracking of Assessment History
Transparent and centralized database with security